Giving airports maximum service and quality
while maintaining cost efficiency

The Market

Sweden has 36 airports that provide Air Traffic Control. 16 state airports (eight civilian/Swedavia and seven military/Armed Forces), four private owned airports (Stockholm-Skavsta, Linköping City Airport, Ljungbyhed and Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport) and 17 airports owned by municipalities.

There are six TMC’s in Sweden, located at Luleå, Stockholm, Norrköping, Såtenäs, Landvetter and Ronneby and there are two ACC’s, in Malmö and Stockholm. TMC’s and ACC’s are not subject to competition today.

The total turnover or cost base for Air Traffic Control in Sweden is approximately 2,0 billion SEK annually. The annually turnover for the deregulated market is approximately 300 million SEK.


  • To be one of Europe’s leading providers of Air Traffic Control and related services.

  • Be recognized for offering and providing Air Traffic Services that are safe, environmental-friendly, cost-effective and profitable.

Business Idea

ACR’s focal point is to run ATC’s in Sweden and internationally on a cost effective basis. In cooperation with our customers, the airports and airlines, we create and develop cost-effective operations.

Quality Management System

ACR have quality managers for both operative as well as administrative operations. Our QMS is one of the market’s most modern.

ACR’s goal is to maintain a high operative quality. We value every employee that develops his or her skills as an ATCO and assistant.

Today ACR’s brand is well-known in the market.

Flight Safety

At ACR-operated airports, ATC shall be the most cost-effective alternative, while prioritizing flight safety. To obtain this, our ATCO’s competence is of outmost importance. ACR’s flight safety goals are in line with Europe’s ANSPs and in accordance to the demands of the Swedish regulations.

Business Goal


At least 13 ATS units in Sweden


Established internationally


At least 50% of Swedavia’s airports


A market share of 5% within Europe

Huge interest for ACR in Europe

There has been huge interest for ACR from Europe’s Air Navigation Providers since ACR entered the Swedish market in 2011. ACR is certified according to the Single European Sky (SES) certification, enabling ACR to operate as an ANSP within the EU.

During 2011–2015, ACR have won 14 tenders at Swedish airports, fact that has been recognised by the big European ANSPs.

ACR have proved that it can, with maintained safety, compete with transparent and cost-effective Air Traffic Control services.