Swedish game changer opens up air navigation service at one of Gothenburg’s airports

The privately held Swedish air navigation service provider ACR Aviation Capacity Resources has signed an agreement to operate air traffic control services at Säve Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden, from January 1st, 2018. Opening hours make this contract one of the largest so far for ACR. The operation is special as it primarily concerns service to socially important Swedish society functions – so-called 112-operations – such as air ambulance, police flights and the Swedish Maritime Administration’s flight operations for maritime and aeronautical search and rescue services.

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ACR is stepping up its international expansion

Swedish game changer aim to break into the European air traffic services market

The privately held Swedish air traffic service provider ACR Aviation Capacity Resources is stepping up its international expansion, and aims to seriously break into the European market. Marek Bekier, a Swiss Industry veteran, will lead ACR’s venture in Europe as Senior Vice President Europe – a newly created position. 

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ACR 2016 – Europe

ACR is looking for a European Manager

The European Manager position, you will be responsible for the development and operations of our business in Europe. The position involves both strategic and tactical efforts and to develop the marketing plan and action plan and to execute them. You will report to the CEO and be a member of the management group.

We are looking for a professional, analytical, customer-oriented, proactive and social person with a large network in the aviation industry. You have an academic education combined with extensive experience in sales and marketing functions at senior level.

International experience is an advantage.

If you have questions about this position, please call CEO Wilhelm Wohlfahrt, +4670/824 65 40 or HR. Manager, Agneta Ekenberg +4672/240 45 32

Send your application to agneta.ekenberg@acr-sweden.se by November 20, 2016.

Announcing ACR ATCOsim

ACR proudly presents our very own state of the art Tower & Radar simulator – the ACR ATCOsim. Exquisite graphics – Beautiful simplicity.



The Tower simulator has been built to fit all requirements, from the dynamically developing airport requiring a simulator to train controllers to cope with challenging traffic situations set on a large LCD array up to well established schools looking to upgrade to full 360° curved screen projection with edge blending.



We found that radar simulator products quickly became archaic and did not keep up with the quickly changing pace of Air Traffic Management systems currently in use. We designed a deeply customizable solution which can be extended via a plug in architecture. The clever thing about this is that it provides a stable core that will be rock solid and never crash while the plugin provides the look and feel and the tools available in your native operational software. So when students progress from the simulator to on-the-job training they will already know all the available tools. We deeply believe that the software should adapt to your needs, not you to the software’s requirements.


Read more at ACR International -> ACR ATCOsim simulator.

ACR is aiming to take over Air Navigation Services in Norway

ACR Aviation Capacity Resources is initiating the international expansion into Norway

by establishing a branch office in Oslo. Two Norwegian airports have started the

procurement process of their ANS services and ACR is looking to take over ANS

services from 2017. Today ACR provides ANS services at 14 Swedish airports, where

Stockholm-Skavsta and Stockholm-Västerås is the major ones.

ACR´s long-term goal is to become one of the leading ANSP in Europe.


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